Local Governing Committee

The group of people who are responsible for what happens at Skelton Primary School is called the Local Governing Committee (LGC). We are a primary academy within Hope Learning Trust and our Local Governing Committee is empowered by the Trust Board to carry out much of the governance function. We are volunteers who want to see the very best for our children at Skelton Primary. We meet at least once each term and our members include:

  • parents with children at the school
  • people from our local community
  • the head teacher
  • some members of staff who have been elected by their colleagues
  • people chosen by the Hope Learning Trust


What does the Governing Committee do?

The Local Governing Committee has three main tasks:

  1. In partnership with the Hope Learning Trust Board, to be clear about the sort of school we want Skelton Primary to be, what things are important to us and how we will deliver the best possible education for the children in our community
  2. To ‘hold the head teacher to account’ for the quality of teaching and learning in the school
  3. To make sure that the money provided to run the school is spent wisely

We carry out our tasks in a number of different ways. Each term the head teacher provides us with a detailed report of what is happening in the school and answers any questions we may have. We meet to discuss and decide important things about the school including:

  • how we can best help each child to learn and attain a really high standard
  • how to make the school a happy, fun and safe place
  • how to attract, encourage and develop the best teachers
  • how its money will be spent


The role of the Governor

People on the Local Governing Committee are known as ‘governors’. Apart from attending meetings, governors also visit the school regularly, sometimes to view a specific part of the school’s work like the Nursery or Fire Safety. We try to attend school events and often take part in training to learn more about how we can support the school. We are always keen to receive any ideas about how we can improve the school. If you would like to know more about our work, or if you are considering becoming a governor then please do not hesitate to contact us and arrange an initial informal chat.

Further information

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